Very special climate comfort
for the home

'Mama, I'm going out in the fresh air a little …!' 'Alright, then close the nursery door!'

Get some fresh air. Anyone who hears that immediately thinks outdoors, nature, woods. Actually though that looks different today: the air outside hasn't been so fresh for a long time. Premature and persistent flowering, and thus more pollen in the air, makes it difficult for allergy sufferers and ozone pollution is increasing. 

Nonetheless within your four walls you can have what has meanwhile become rare outside: optimal climate and good air—round the clock and in every season, with an air conditioner from the expert. 

Our systems for living space air conditioning create a comfortable, healthful room climate and thus the prerequisite climate for well-being. We can install the following models depending on how you live and what you desire:

  • Chest models
  • Wall models
  • False-ceiling models
  • Multi-inverter systems

What distinguishes our air conditioners 

The models are very energy efficient, simple to operate, incur minimal operating costs, etc. And particularly important in living spaces: the noise developed amounts to the volume of a whisper.

Examples of various models