MRT and CT

Reliable refrigeration systems are indispensable for MR tomographs. Their superconducting electromagnets are usually cooled with liquid helium to temperatures of around −269 °C. The magnet can be destroyed if the refrigeration fails.

This shows how important a reliable refrigeration system is for the operation of an MRT. Just as important are the climate-related requirements, which must be strictly guaranteed all year. 

KS climate technology offers you all services with high reliability from a single source for this demanding area. Here we place the greatest value on fulfilling the refrigeration- and climate-related requirements profile of the respective MRT manufacturer as well as the customer's individual needs. 

The same applies to refrigeration and climate technology for computer tomographs (CT).

We also completely equip linear accelerators with refrigeration, climate, and ventilation technology corresponding to your requirements profile. 

Since we are a global company, the systems we plan and implement meet your requirements in the desert climate of Libya just as well as in tropical Ghana, or at various sites in Siberia.

We develop appropriate solutions for each climate zone.


Our scope of service for these areas:

  • Consultation
  • Concept creation
  • Planning
  • Implementation/Installation
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and service

In addition, a brief excerpt from our reference list:

  • Accra Military Hospital 37 in Ghana
  • Clinique Ngailiema Kinshasa in Democratic Republic Congo
  • Misurata Hospital Libya