OP and treatment rooms

The requirements for ventilation and air conditioning OP and treatment rooms are very strict and very complex. A multitude of standards and directives has to be considered and complied with.

As a specialist in the field of cleanroom and air conditioning technology in the medical field, we are aware of the responsibility that this sensitive area demands.

Standards and directives such as DIN-EN 1946/4, VDI 6022, or the RKI Directive are therefore our hand tools.

On this basis we develop air conditioning and ventilation concepts meeting medical requirements for OP rooms of room classes 1a or 1b as well as function rooms of room class 2 for our customers.


Our scope of service for this area:

  • Analysis and consultation
  • Concept creation
  • Creation of ventilation applications for the approving authorities
  • Planning
  • Implementation/Installation
  • Documentation
  • Regulatory approvals, e.g. TÜV
  • Maintenance and service
  • Project control

Excerpt from our reference list:

  • Brainsuites in Rome, Dallas, Houston and Nagoya for the company BrainLab
  • Three OPs in the University Hospital Homburg Saar's Ophthalmology clinic
  • Two angiographs at the University Hospital Homburg Saar
  • Angiograph at Freising Hospital
  • OP at the Welfenhofzentrum Wiesbaden